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Creditors’ Rights

Whether it involves a property foreclosure, vehicle, or a troubled loan, our attorneys are experienced at handling creditor issues in federal courts.

  • Protect the rights of creditors.
  • Recover (or replevin) secured goods.
  • Represent creditor’s interests in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Creditors' Rights

Real Estate

The purchase or sale of a home or piece of property is often the largest single financial transaction in which a person will become involved in their lifetime. Call us today for more info.

  • Statewide closings and title services
  • Mail away closings available
  • Subject-to closings & Lease options

Real Estate Representation


By helping parties cooperate and keeping them informed about the process, probate can be as worry-free as making a bank deposit. Call us today to learn more.

  • Letters of Administration.
  • Simple Wills & Trust prepartion.
  • Avoid costly errors.

Probate Representation